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    A Digital Legislature in Times of Covid-19



    Bússola Tech is excited to host the forthcoming conference titled "A Digital Legislature in Times of Covid-19," a pivotal event focusing on the transformation of parliamentary processes in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This conference is an essential part of our commitment to explore how legislatures around the world are adapting to unprecedented challenges while ensuring they maintain efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.


    The pandemic has forced parliaments to rapidly adjust their traditional, often in-person, operations to digital platforms to uphold essential legislative functions while adhering to social distancing measures. The conference will delve into how various parliaments have reacted to these constraints and continued their deliberations effectively through digital means.

    Key topics for discussion at the conference will include:


    • The transition of parliamentary sessions to virtual platforms.
    • Strategies employed by legislatures to ensure uninterrupted legislative activities.
    • The impact of digital transformation on the quality and inclusivity of parliamentary debates and decision-making.
    • Challenges and opportunities presented by the shift to digital legislatures.
    • The role of technology in facilitating public participation and engagement in legislative processes during the pandemic.


    Lessons learned and best practices for sustaining digital legislatures post-pandemic.


    Scheduled for April 16th, 2020, this discussion will gather experts from various parliaments to share their experiences and insights on maintaining legislative functions during the pandemic. The event aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the adaptations and innovations made by legislative bodies globally, highlighting the crucial role of digital transformation in ensuring the continuity of democratic processes.

  • Programme 

    A Digital Legislature in Times of Covid-19 

    • April 16th, 2020.


    • Bússola Tech
    • ParlAmericas
    • Senado Federal of Brazil
    • University of Zurich