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    Binational Debate U.S. House of Representatives and Brazilian Senate 




    Bússola Tech is promoting a high-level binational debate between the United States House of Representatives and the Brazilian Senate House with parliamentary experts to discuss the path to a more digital, effective and resilient Legislative Branch.

    The debate, under the moderation of Luis Kimaid, will be attended by the Former Vice President of the Brazilian Senate House, Senator Antonio Anastasia, with the Chairman of the House Committee on Rules of the US House of Representatives, Representative James McGovern.


    The debate will welcome Former Member of the US Congress, Rep. Brian Baird, in its opening remarks.

    To interview the Parliamentarians, we will have the presence of Mark Stodder from Xcential Legislative Technologies, Tim Hwang from FiscalNote, Olegário Amorim from Visual Sistemas, Alison Souza from Sindilegis and Carolina Venuto from ABRIG.

  • Programme 

    Binational Debate U.S. House of Representatives and Brazilian Senate 

    • April 6th, 2021 at 17h (GMT-3 - Time in Brazil)


    • Luís Kimaid - Bússola Tech
    • Sen. Antonio Anastasia - Senado Federal of Brazil
    • Rep. James McGovern - U.S. House of Representatives
    • Rep. Brian Baird - U.S. House of Representatives (retired)
    • Alison Souza - Sindilegis
    • Mark Stodder - Xcential Legislative Technologies
    • Joaquim Amorim - Visual
    • Tim Hwang - FiscalNote
    • Carolina Venuto - ABRIG