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    LegisTech Library Digital Ceremony

  • The Event's News

  • About the Library

    The LegisTech Library is a comprehensive digital repository meticulously designed by Bússola Tech, dedicated to ensuring collaborative learning and exchange about legislative governance, modernisation, and digital transformation. Rooted in the principle of collaborative learning, it serves as a bridge connecting colleagues from Parliaments and Subnational Legislatures.


    The LegisTech Library is composed of:


    1) Studies about individual modernisation cases from Parliaments, Subnational Legislatures, Regional Parliaments and Inter-Parliamentary Organisations.


    2) Thematic Articles about specific topics pertaining to the different domains of legislative modernisation.

    We maintain the conviction that the exchange of knowledge constitutes a fundamental cornerstone in securing the requisite resources for driving institutional transformation.


    This process transcends individual learning, instead imparting strength to governance, fortifying initiatives aimed at modernisation, and augmenting the efficiency and responsiveness of parliamentary bodies.


    At the heart of the LegisTech Library lie the principles of transparency and authentic collaboration, forming the bedrock upon which it is founded. Within the virtual expanse of this repository, obstacles metamorphose into conduits for connection, new ideas are created, and so on. We envisage a future defined by the evolution of legislative institutions.




  • About the Event

    On November 9th, Bússola Tech commemorates a noteworthy juncture in the sphere of legislative modernization through the formal inauguration of the LegisTech Library.


    During this juncture, esteemed peers from parliamentary institutions, subnational legislatures, inter-parliamentary organizations, and academia will proffer their perspectives on the profound import of knowledge dissemination within the context of parliamentary modernization.


    Within this repository, an extensive and meticulously curated compendium resides, encompassing numerous years’ worth of articles and research endeavors.


    The primary objective of this repository is to catalyze innovative thought and facilitate the contemporary transformation, including digitalization, of legislative processes. This repository manifestly underscores Bússola Tech’s unwavering commitment to cultivating peer-to-peer collaboration and to the decentralization of knowledge exchange, particularly concerning this topic of paramount significance to parliamentary bodies.

  • Benefits of the Library

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    Comprehensive Knowledge Repository

    We offer a vast, centralized collection of resources on digital transformation in legislative processes, making it a one-stop destination for legislative tech information.

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    Curated and
    Updated Content

    We focus on the quality and relevancy of our content. Every piece of information is vetted and curated to ensure it’s beneficial. Also, we are committed to keeping pace with the environment changes and regularly update our library to include the latest developments and insights.

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    Inclusive and
    Diverse Perspectives

    We believe in the importance of diverse voices and perspectives. Our content features content from a wide array of perspectives and countries.

  • Strategic Partners

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