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  • Panel Discussion about:

    Priorities for the Modernisation of Parliaments in the American Continent



    Bússola Tech is excited to host the panel discussion "Priorities for the Modernisation of Parliaments in the American Continent," an essential event focusing on the evolution and modernization of parliamentary processes across the Americas. This panel is a key component of our initiative to stimulate dialogue on blending traditional legislative frameworks with digital advancements, ensuring they align with modern efficiency and transparency standards.

    Moderated by Luís Kimaid (Bússola Tech), the panel features the following participants: Gabriel Duarte (Congreso de la República of Peru), Joshua Kravitz (U.S. Senate), Mark Stodder (Xcential Legislative Technologies), Óscar Benitez (Cámara de Diputados de la Nación of Argentina), and Rolando Duarte (Cámara de Senadores of Paraguay). These experts will offer their perspectives on how traditional legislative practices intersect with the need for digital innovation in parliamentary processes.

    The discussion will unfold addressing topics like integrating digital improvements in traditional settings, understanding the demands of technical staff in the digital era, prioritising and implementing digital solutions for lawmakers, and mapping the digital readiness of legislative areas and users. Each participant will bring their unique experiences from different legislative and technological backgrounds to the table.

    This panel is designed to provide a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and opportunities in modernising parliaments across the American continent, emphasising strategies to integrate technology effectively. The session is scheduled for February 13rd, 2023, at 11:00am ET, aligning with different international time zones.

    Bússola Tech anticipates a dynamic and enlightening discussion, contributing significantly to the future of parliamentary processes in the digital age.

  • Programme 

    Priorities for the Modernisation of Parliaments in the American Continent

    • February 13rd, 2023 at 11h (GMT-3 - Time in Brazil)


    • Luís Kimaid - Bússola Tech
    • Rolando Duarte - Cámara de Senadores de Paraguay
    • Gabriel Duarte - Congreso de la República de Perú
    • Joshua Kravitz - U.S. Senate
    • Óscar Benitez - Honorable Cámara de Diputados de la Nación Argentina
    • Mark Stodder - Xcential Legislative Technologies