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  • Panel Discussion about:

    Artificial Intelligence in Parliaments - Implementation of Speech to Text Technologies in Hansard





    Bússola Tech is pleased to host a panel discussion exploring the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Hansard production. This timely discussion will bring together experts from diverse legislative bodies to share insights and best practices for leveraging AI to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of parliamentary transcripts.



    The panel will explore into real-world use cases of AI-powered speech-to-text technologies within parliaments, showcasing how these tools can optimize the Hansard production process.



    Additionally, the panel will examine the technical aspects of integrating AI tools into existing legislative systems and workflows. This includes discussions on process adaptations required to address speaker identification, language differentiation in multilingual settings, and the classification of various speech segments (e.g., PMQs, points of order).



    This session offers a valuable opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how AI can be used to modernize and improve Hansard production. The discussion will provide practical insights and foster collaboration as parliaments navigate the evolving landscape of AI-powered transcription technologies.



    The panel discussion is scheduled for May 14th, 2024, at 11:00 AM (Brazil time) and will last for 90 minutes.



    We encourage you to join us for this informative and engaging discussion on the potential of AI in transforming Hansard production within parliaments.


  • Programme 

    Artificial Intelligence in Parliaments - Implementation of Speech to Text Technologies in Hansard

    • May 14th, 2024 at 11:00am (time in Brazil | GMT-3) 



    • Luís Kimaid - Bússola Tech
    • Brahma Mishra - MeetMonk
    • Fotios Fitsilis - Parliament of Greece
    • Lazlo Sacuno - Senado Federal of Brazil
    • Njekwa Simakando - Pan-African Parliament
  • Participants

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    Luís Kimaid


    Bússola Tech

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    Brahma Mishra



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    Fotios Fitsilis

    Head of Research

    Hellenic Parliament

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    André Galvão

    Editor of Debates

    Câmara dos Deputados of Brazil