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  • Panel Discussion about:

    The Future of the Decision Making Process 



    Bússola Tech is excited to present an upcoming discussion, focusing on "The Future of the Decision Making Process." This discussion is an essential part of our ongoing series aimed at exploring the rapid advancements and changes in legislative processes, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 crisis.



    This discussion will delve into the continuous innovation of the decision-making process within parliaments, significantly accelerated by the pandemic. We will discuss how this new reality has not only acted as a catalyst for developing legislative solutions but also necessitated the digitalization of representatives' daily activities. The discussion will also cover the importance of adapting processes to reduce bureaucracy and make the legislative process more transparent and accessible to the public.



    Key topics for discussion will include:


    • The evolution and innovation of decision-making processes in parliaments due to the Covid-19 crisis.
    • The role of digitalization in transforming representatives' daily legislative activities.
    • Strategies for reducing bureaucracy and democratizing the legislative process.
    • How society can engage with and contribute to these digital transformations in the legislative realm.



    This discussion aims to provide insights into how legislative bodies are adapting and innovating their decision-making processes in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. It will highlight the importance of embracing digital transformation to enhance efficiency, transparency, and public participation in legislative processes.

  • Programme 

    The Future of the Decision Making Process 


    • September 11th, 2020.


    • Bússola Tech
    • Câmara dos Deputados of Brazil
    • ABRIG
    • U.S. House of Reprentatives
    • Demand Progress