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  • Panel Discussion about:

    The Priorities for the Digital Transformation of Legislative Drafting



    Bússola Tech is honoured to organise the panel discussion "The Priorities for the Digital Transformation of Legislative Drafting," bringing together prominent legislative professionals and technological innovators. This event is a key part of our initiative to democratise knowledge and integrate advanced technology into legislative drafting and processes.

    The panel, moderated by Luís Kimaid from Bússola Tech, will include Matt McGhie and John Pollock from the U.S. Senate, Fotios Fitsilis from the Hellenic Parliament, and Ari Hershowitz from GovAble.ai. They will explore the complex process of legislative drafting in the context of digital transformation, focusing on challenges such as maintaining accuracy, managing amendments, ensuring legal compliance, and promoting collaboration.

    Key topics for discussion will address the role of digital modernization in overcoming legislative drafting challenges, the enhancement of accuracy and compliance through digital strategies, the impact of transitioning to XML-based standards on accessibility and transparency, and the future integration of emerging technologies in legislative drafting.

    This session aims to provide a comprehensive insight into the future of legislative drafting in the digital age, fostering a deeper understanding and a proactive approach to leveraging technology for more effective and inclusive legislative processes.

    The panel is scheduled for June 29th, 2023, at 11:00 (GMT-3).

  • Programme 

    The Priorities for the Digital Transformation of Legislative Drafting


    • June 29th, 2023 at 11h (GMT-3 - Time in Brazil)


    • Luís Kimaid - Bússola Tech
    • Matt McGhie - U.S. Senate
    • Fotios Fitsilis - Hellenic Parliament
    • Ari Hershowitz - GovAble.ai
    • John Pollock - U.S. Senate